Cardio Health is an Ontario based corporation, offering cardiology solutions to primary physicians. We provide both fixed location and point of care services.


Cardio Health offers all non-invasive cardiology services in physician’s offices across Ontario.


We are committed to providing you the best cardiac care by trained and certified professionals. We do our utmost to ensure that your experience is easy, comfortable, and convenient.


We are an Ontario based corporation, offering cardiology solutions to primary physicians. Our focus is on delivering extraordinary patient care using the latest technology and standards.

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Even the best of careers must end sometime. Sure, most of us look forward to retirement, but not every retired physician wants to sit back and collect sea-shells for the years to come. Whether driven by financial constraints or by that persistent longing to contribute to society, any physician retiree should be able to find a job that fits his or her schedule. At Cardio Health, we work with a lot of primary physician clinics. As their trusted partners, established medical practices often confide in us and ask us to help source out other physicians for their practice. This could be due to additions to their patient base, change in demographic or simply downsizing. Whatever the reason, opportunities abound and at Cardio Health, we often find ourselves looking for other primary physicians to take on these opportunities. Flexibility – create own schedule We do the billing and admin work Hassle free experience.

In February 2014, Statistics Canada released the first population estimates for census divisions based on the 2011 Census. The report stated that the number of Ontarians aged 15–64 is projected to increase from 9.3 million in 2013 to 10.6 million by 2041. By 2041, there will be a sharp increase in the number of seniors. Baby boomers will have swelled the ranks of seniors; children of the baby boom echo generation will be of school-age; and the baby boom echo cohorts, along with a new generation of immigrants, will have bolstered the population aged 15–64. Cardio Health’s services are a relief for seniors and other demographics that have mobility limitations. Imagine not having to venture out in the Canadian cold to get an echocardiogram or to see a cardiologist. We come to you. If you or someone you care about lives in a senior home or a group home, reach out to us by sending an email to info@cardiohealth.ca and discover how we can make health care a breeze.

Recent Government of Ontario legislation has focused efforts on improving quality, accountability and transparency in our healthcare system. Cardio Health fully supports and promotes a culture of transparency and accountability. We are always implementing new quality and safety initiatives to improve our patient’s experience and are continually monitoring our healthcare services in order to provide our communities with access to quality care in a patient focused environment. Being accountable to our patients and community is essential to earning trust and building a reputation for excellence. Cardio Health defines accountability as managing resources efficiently, making the right managerial decisions, actively measuring our performance and implementing all this in an open and transparent manner.

Cardiovascular disease can be serious and may sometimes exist without any obvious symptoms. For factors specifically affecting your health, speak to your doctor. Here are some of the factors that can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. If you are over the age of 40 If you have family history of an early cardiovascular disease. If you have a first-degree relative (parent, sibling, child) with a hereditary lipid disorder.

Why Us

We can do what the industry does, only better. The obvious proof of this will be your opinion of our services, after you have experienced them. Until then, we have posted testimonials from other medical professionals to show how they feel about our service. The fact that we have exceeded our growth targets and are now servicing numerous clinics in a very short time frame is evidence of the standard we hold ourselves to.

We care about the patients. Cardio Health came into being with the core concept of patient care. We firmly believe in bettering healthcare with exceptional bedside manners, quick report delivery times and outstanding quality of results. Patients consistently thank us for the experience they have with us.

At Cardio Health, we pride ourselves on commitment and reliability. All our staff is hired with this clear mandate and redundancies are built into our processes to ensure that things go smoothly. Moreover, we have dedicated people in our organization to follow up with clinic owners and primary physicians to address any required modifications. We work with the mindset of benefiting the clinics

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Work at Cardio Health

At Cardio Health, we are all about patient care and servicing excellence. As our company continues to grow, so does our need for qualified, dedicated professionals who wish to join our team. There are currently many different positions available.