For Primary Care Physicians

Why ‘refer-out’ when you can ‘refer-in’?

Cardio Health offers all non-invasive cardiology services in physician’s offices. We bring our specialists and services to your practice from once a month to a few days in a week (based on the referral load). Our services include cardiology consults, echocardiography, Holter Monitoring, loop (event monitoring), ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure monitoring) and stress tests. In addition to being a family practice, we will help grow your clinic by establishing it as a “go-to” community cardiac centre. Give us a call to view a solution specifically designed for your clinic. We work with the mindset of benefiting the clinics we service.

Family medicine is a multi-dimensional, challenging and a fast paced environment. Cardio health is here to ensure that our service leaves you stress free to focus on what matters the most for you. Rest assured, Cardio health will develop a customized solution, based on your clinic’s requirements. Instead of referring patients out for cardiac testing, just schedule them within your facility. We will take care of the rest. If you choose, we will even arrange for our cardiologist to visit your clinic on the day of the testing. This benefits you multi-folds. The patients can be seen the same day after the testing. The test reports are read, prepared and delivered to your office in a much shorter time frame. If required, we can provide patient follow-ups including referring them to the closest hospital for in-patient procedures.